Our story so far…


In 2019, John founded Alexander Community Development (ACD). John quickly brought Kara into the fold and soon enough ‘ACD’ was launched. Growing rapidly in  the first year to a team of 15, with a mixture of staff and volunteers. ACD is built on a passion to give back to the city of Dundee. Our Transition to Trade programmes aim to give young people the opportunities to learn trades in a safe live environment, while working with their schools.  Our Food Distribution programme works with food banks and charities to help distribute food and key items to Dundee’s most vulnerable. Finally,  Trades for All is our asset-locked construction service, which carries out a variety of building projects for the public, private and 3rd sector.


We are a community organisation and seek to partner with progressive businesses who wish to develop skills in their workforce and the wider community. Our training is delivered by highly skilled tradesmen and sector specific experts and teachers. We are always looking to offer volunteering opportunities to retired tradesmen and those who are looking to give back.

ACD 3 Year Social Impact 2020-2023

Chart showing Alexander's stats


Dundee is the fifth most deprived council area of Scotland (Scottish Multiple Index of Deprivation (SMID) 2020 data). The graphics below are a visualisation of the analysis and provide detail on the geographic impact of deprivation in Dundee.  ACD understands that there is a need to better involve the community in a variety of ways to help break the cycle of deprivation within the city. The community organisation aims to improve multiple areas of deprivation, both directly and indirectly, through their service provision in the areas of school outreach and community work.

For Alexander Community Development to reach its full potential, in delivering services across Dundee, we require a significantly larger space. Building a space within Coldside of Dundee, will not only help to revitalise the area but will also help to tackle the increasing gap in development between Dundee’s waterfront and the rest of the city.

It is vital for ACD that this build is energy efficient and harness new technologies to future proof the building and to ensure its sustainability for use by future generations. We are looking to have various types of renewable energy sources such as solar panels, air source heating, energy retention batteries and electric car charging stations. By installing this technology, it will also give us a platform to offer training in the technology and offer school level courses such as ‘Transition to Renewables’. This building will also become a large part of the wider 3rd sector community in Dundee. We will continue to grow our distribution and logistical services.

We  will build a new centre which will work towards self-sufficient and green as funds will allow and improve efficiency in the existing buildings. New buildings will implement efficient solutions from the start such as air source heating and solar panels. These will result in a reduction in energy consumption within the existing building and will implement renewable energy solutions within the new building. These measures will bring about a reduction in greenhouse gases.

The site will be ‘Pedestrian Friendly’, which means that people using the site will be encouraged to walk, meet at central collection points where we will collect, make use of the extensive public transport that is easily accessible or cycle and park at the bike station. The spaces that are on site will provide charging stations and will be accessible to the community.

In the event that additional parking to the existing provision is required, we have an agreement with a neighbourly organisation – North End Football club. This organisation has an extensive parking facility, adjacent to ours which lies empty during working hours. In return, we will be able to offer our spaces to North End on their football match days, which will increase their capacity.