Community Programme Food Distribution.

We are thrilled that Alexander Community Development has been selected as a central distribution hub for local food projects in Dundee. Our dedicated team works closely with Faith in Community and Dundee City Council to support 25 food banks and we’re hoping to expand our reach across the city as we collect food and essential household items from local suppliers and store them at ACD in Fairfield.

Currently we distribute over £10,000 worth of food to Dundee’s food banks every week, supporting 4,500 people.

From all walks of life, and through no fault of their own, they can find themselves without enough money to feed themselves and their families. For these people, the local food insecurity projects provide a nutritionally balanced emergency food and support service for local people who are in crisis. As  part of a nationwide network of food banks, the projects work tirelessly to help combat poverty and hunger across Dundee.

“We’re really keen on helping our community so if we can keep the service up to help get everything get back to normal then we’re happy to help. Community projects like food banks already to fantastic work for local people so we’re just helping them flourish through a tough time.” – Kara Swankie, Centre Manager


We are a community organisation and seek to partner with progressive businesses who wish to develop skills in their workforce and the wider community. Our training is delivered by highly skilled tradesmen and sector specific experts and teachers. We are always looking to offer volunteering opportunities to retired tradesmen and those who are looking to give back.