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Alexander Community Development becomes an anchor organisation for Living Wage in Dundee.

By 13 November 2020No Comments

Alexander Community Development (ACD) is delighted to announce that we have been asked to

become an anchor organisation for Living Wage in Dundee. Living Wage is something that ACD is very

passionate about, as it aligns closely with our mission to help work with the community to upskill,

retain talent and secure futures. Ensuring people are paid the real living wage is a key foundation in

making this happen.

We chose to pursue our living wage accreditation during the pandemic, to help to demonstrate not

only to our colleagues but to our partners, that paying people a fair wage for fair work will help cement

your future as an organisation.

It is also a recognition that many of our colleagues undergo continues personal development, and

these ongoing skills need to be valued.

ACD hopes to encourage other local organisations, charities and companies to become Living Wage

Accredited employers, which will also help to further Dundee’s mission to become a Living Wage city.

Councilor Lynne Short, speaking on behalf of the Make Dundee a Living Wage City Action Group

“During a time of uncertainty in the world it is so heartening to see one of our cities leading

businesses take the step of securing Living Wage Accreditation.

To show employees that they are an important part of the businesses future development and

their efforts are appreciated by paying the living wage must be a real boost to company moral.

I hope this encourages other businesses in the city to allow us to continue on with our ambition of

being a living wage city where fair work is paid a fair rate.

Thank you to all those who continue with their accreditation status and those that are joining the


ACD recently joined the Poverty Alliance in Scotland. This is another commitment we have made to

help secure the futures of our young people in the city. We have been working to deliver food to the

food projects in the city, since March 2020 and will be continuing this service throughout 2021. Moving

in 2021, getting the opportunity to build a better life will be tough, and we feel we play an important

role in supporting routes for people.