ACD is seeking an asset transfer of Fairmuir Bowling Green and Pavilion to allow us to expand the offering across all of our projects and widen our grass roots engagement and collaboration in the city.

On the ground of the bowling green, ACD is proposing to building a new Community Campus, bringing benefit to the local residents and the people of Dundee further afield.  Within the building, there will be changing facilities, a community café, training rooms and large open training areas.

Located approximately 20 metres from our current location, we have experienced first hand how vital bring an fit for purpose facility to the area. The asset is located within Coldside, which is within the top 20% of highest deprivation in the city.

Alongside Dundee City Council, ACD is committed to bringing a high quality, sustainable building which is accessible to all. The location is also served by bus routes at all areas, pedestrian and cycle routes as well as being situated on the Fairmuir park.

Service Use of Building

Creating a fit for purpose building will provide ACD capacity to deliver their services at a larger capacity. There is various routes for opportunity for growth, including an established demand with Dundee and Angus secondary schools, increase capacity with Job Centre and employability providers. There is also a growing demand for our Trades for All programme, with potential for increase production services.

  • Transition to Trade currently operates at 6th of planned capacity. The new building will allow to meet current and future demand
  • Trades for All has external storage space and will use the multi-use training area for any indoor requirements
  • Food Distribution will operate from a community asset transfer at Fairmuir Park, approx. 100 metres away