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A day in the life of a Kickstart Placement – Jack

By 29 July 2021No Comments

We are delighted to share some insights into the time our kickstart placement staff have spent with us. First up we have Jack:

“My time at Alexanders Community development, a little over 3 months ago I came down to a little wood cabin on Fairfield Street for my first job interview in over a year and nerves were through the roof! But that all changed when I walked through the door. I’ve been to a lot of interviews since I started working, even interviewed other people and the one thing I know is that you never really know what to expect and this time was no different. In the cabin I met Aled and Kara who gave me the chance id been hoping for.

Instantly I felt at home on the site here, everyday is a new day with new challenges but that doesn’t stop a single person on this team and the support they provide is life changing. My first few weeks I was working alongside John Alexander with a group of students on the transition to trade course. After some time is the classroom gaining qualifications John and I took the students to wellbeing works where we helped them turn an old shop into an amazing community hub and that was exciting to get involved with. At the end of their time here we organise a fun day for the students and this time John, the student and I went raft building, in the end both our rafts fell apart and we all got soaking wet in the river, but I had an amazing time. Not everyday is fun and games, jobs still need to be done and I’ve learnt how to do so many new things in my time here. Part of my job involves supporting Aled, planning and developing the transition to trade course. So far, I have been shown how to carry out risk assessments and why having these documents are vital to every job we do here. I’ve been working 1-1 with the young people helping them improve their employability skills, doing things like mock interviews and cv writing and at the end of each course my job is to create and print the certificates for the young people. I really feel like this is the most rewarding job I have done, and I love every minute of it.”